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Klon | The New Single!

Klon | The New Single!


Myles Sach-Haber, aka Klon, is only 21 years old, but the Australian producer has been performing for over 13 years and he already reached a great experience about producing and the dance floors field.

Klon’s sound takes on a darker tone that is also uplifting and captivating. Combining heavy basslines along with synths and hi-hats allows the tone to increasingly develop. This allows for Klon to take on a unique sound that enraptures the audience. Having been fortunate enough to travel the world,

Klon’s sound takes influence not only from the Australian techno scene but also from Asia and Europe as well.

BBR is glad to present Klon and his homonymous new release “Klon”, a two tracks single perfectly made of pure Tech House beats combined with Techno basslines.